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Take some time out of your day and join us for some relaxation. We have a weekly schedule of yoga classes in our geodesic dome, overlooking Loch Fyne.

We also offer private classes + day retreats.

All levels very welcome!

Pre-booking is required.

Our Class Styles

Slow Flow


The Slow Flow class is a dedicated hour for us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind and reunite with the present state of being.


Throughout the class we invite everyone to breathe with awareness and open their body through a series of static asanas, movement in repetition and final stillness - a full body-mind practice that increases flexibility, builds stability, improves balance and free’s our internal energy system to function and flow with ease. A great class for all levels!


Energising Flow

Move to the rhythm of your breathing to open and energise your whole body. As the mind focusses on the movements, this becomes a really beautiful moving meditation and an opportunity to let go and drop into the present. Leave feeling invigorated. All levels very welcome however, if you're brand new to yoga, you might enjoy starting with slow flow to get a feel for the different movements. 



This is a deeply nourishing class and restorative class. Movements are slow and gentle. You'll use blankets and bolsters to support your body in different poses so that you can rest into them for a few minutes. This gives your body and mind the opportunity to deeply relax. Breathwork and meditation may also be included in these classes. All levels welcome. Suitable for beginners. 

Classes are £13/person + we do have packages available.

Private Classes are available and are a great option for those new to yoga, those with injuries or those looking to advance their practice.


Our rates are:

  • 1-2 people £60

  • 3-6 people £150

  • 6-10 people £200

  • 10+ people please contact us

Get in touch with us for more info or to book. 

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