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Do we need to bring our own mats?

We have everything you’ll need for yoga - mat, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, and eye pillows. 
But of course, you’re welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


Is it warm in the dome?
We have a heating/cooling system in the dome, so we can generally keep it a pretty comfortable temperature. On a hot summer day, it can get quite warm and although we have a cooling system, we suggest dressing in layers and wearing shorts/light tops. A jump in the sea after these classes feels great!

But on cold days, we can get it nice and toasty in the dome! 

I’m brand new to yoga, which class should I come to?

You’re very welcome to come to any class. Let the teacher know that you’re new to yoga and they’ll ensure that you’re well looked after. Generally the ‘All Levels’ and ‘Slow Flow’ class are slower paced, and a great entry point for beginners. ‘Energising Flow’ is a bit faster paced, and while you are very welcome to dive right in, you might enjoy starting with one of the other classes first so you get a hang of some of the commonly used poses. 

Restorative Yoga is also a great practice for beginners. It’s a very slow, gentle, meditative practice, where the entire focus in on relaxation. Generally all the poses are done either seated or laying down and you’ll leave feeling totally restored. 

We do periodically run a ‘Foundations’ class as well, which is completely tailored to beginners and we break down a lot of the commonly used poses. So keep an eye out for this one!

I’m pregnant, am I still able to come?

We always suggest getting the all clear from your doctor or midwife before joining any class. With that being said, generally guidance is not to start anything new while you’re pregnant. If you have a regular yoga practice, then it’s usually safe to continue with it during pregnancy.
Again, check with your doc and check in with your own body, but usually it’s best to ease off during your first trimester. 
Second and third trimester are usually a great time for yoga. But always let the teacher know so that they can offer modifications. Check in with your own body and ensure you’re always feeling good. 
Contact us if you want to discuss further. 

The sauna isn’t advised at any time during pregnancy.

What do I need to bring with me to the sauna?

Your swimsuit, water bottle, a towel, and shoes to wear into the sea (sandals, watershoes, old trainers). We do have a few extra water shoes that you’re welcome to use. If you’re coming during winter months, we recommend a woolly hat while going in the sea. 

Are there toilets and change rooms at the sauna?

No, there aren’t.

I’m interested in hiring the space to host my own day retreat.

We offer very limited venue hires and only to people we have met with and have been to see our place. We want to make sure it is a good fit on both sides. If emailing to inquire, please include information about yourself and what you offer. 

Do you offer private yoga classes?

Yes! There are such a great option if you are new to yoga, have an injury, or simply prefer one to one classes. We also offer private classes if you want to create a unique experience for a small group. Email us to inquire about pricing and availability.

Can kids come?

Generally, we ask that kids are 12 before attending a yoga class. However, no matter the age, we ask that you only bring your child if they are able to remain quiet for the duration of the class. We do offer children specific classes from time to time. If you’d be interested in more regular children’s classes, please let us know!

For health and safety reasons, anyone using the sauna must be over 16 years old. 

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