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About Us

Located on our family hillside farm, on the west coast of Scotland, on the shores of Loch Fyne, we hope to offer a space to slow down, reconnect with nature, enjoy a yoga class in our geodesic dome, swim in the sea after a lochside sauna, and enjoy good food. 

We really love it here and hope you do too!

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Our Story

West Coast Wellness began as a spark of an idea. The idea of a place for good people to gather, to walk in nature, swim in the sea, move, breathe, and be still; to eat good food, breathe clean air, retreat, reset, and reconnect.


It came to life though, as a result of the global pandemic. When lockdowns hit, we (sisters-in-law, Hailey and Rosie) hunkered down at the family farm on the west coast of Scotland, for what was initially intended to be only a few weeks, until things returned to normal. Of course, as we all know, weeks turned into months, and somewhere along the way, we realised we had no desire to return to normal. 


While there were many moments where we felt like we had landed in paradise, we were also battling isolation, uncertainty, and pandemic anxiety. Our daily yoga, hill walking, and loch swimming became our medicine, helping us to navigate these challenging times; to stay healthy and well in both body and mind. Day by day, the spark of an idea began to percolate, to take shape. We recognised the potency of movement, nature, and community to help us feel well, healthy, and whole. 


This past year, we have been living together in community, sharing meals and ideas. Luckily Hailey’s husband is a designer and builder, Rosie’s sister and her partner are incredible cooks, and just like that, West Coast Wellness, in its physical form, began to take shape. It’s a work in progress, a labour of love. We hope to have accommodations available next year to host you for retreats. But for this summer, come and join us for a class or a whole day. 


Move your body in one of our yoga classes inside our geodesic dome, walk the hills, swim in the sea, enjoy some good food. Retreat, reset, and reconnect. 


We’re so happy you’re here.

Meet The Team

While it's our faces you'll likely see if you join for a yoga class or day retreat, there is a team behind the scenes that makes everything happen!

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