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Located on our family hillside farm, on the west coast of Scotland, on the shores of Loch Fyne, we hope to offer a space to slow down, reconnect with nature, enjoy a yoga class in our geodesic dome, swim in the sea after a lochside sauna, or come and retreat with us for a day.

We really love it here and hope you do too!


West Coast Wellness began as a spark of an idea.

The idea of a place for good people to gather, to walk in nature, swim in the sea, move, breathe, and be still; to eat good food, breathe clean air, retreat, reset, and reconnect.


It came to life though, as a result of the global pandemic. When lockdowns hit, we (sisters-in-law, Hailey and Rosie) hunkered down at the family farm on the west coast of Scotland, for what was initially intended to be only a few weeks, until things returned to normal. Of course, as we all know, weeks turned into months, and somewhere along the way, we realised we had no desire to return to normal. 


While there were many moments where we felt like we had landed in paradise, we were also battling isolation, uncertainty, and pandemic anxiety. Our daily yoga, hill walking, and loch swimming became our medicine, helping us to navigate these challenging times; to stay healthy and well in both body and mind. Day by day, the spark of an idea began to percolate, to take shape. We recognised the potency of movement, nature, and community to help us feel well, healthy, and whole. 


This past year, we have been living together in community, sharing meals and ideas. Luckily Hailey and Rosie's partners are skilled builders and Rosie's sister is an incredible cook, and just like that, West Coast Wellness, in its physical form, began to take shape.

It’s a work in progress, a labour of love.


Our vision is to have enough accommodation to host residential retreats.

But, we are also doing our best to navigate balancing work and time with our families and little ones.

So, we are trusting the process and expanding slowly and organically.

Thanks for joining along with us.


We’re so happy you’re here.

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Our Team



Rosie Barge

Director + Yoga teacher


Rosie has an extensive understanding of the physical body, developed through years of yoga training, university study, and most recently, massage therapy training. This understanding comes through in all of her intelligently sequenced classes and ability to adapt to the needs and abilities of her students. She will get you moving, and you will leave her classes feeling strong and good in your body. 

Her enthusiasm for movement, wild swimming, and nature are contagious, and you will love spending time with her in classes, sauna sessions, and on retreat!

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Hailey O'Hara

Director + Yoga teacher


For over twelve years, I have been guiding classes, international trainings, and retreats, sharing the practice of yoga in a way that is accessible and relevant in today's world. My interest lies in the merging of western psychology and eastern wisdom and I’ve explored this through dedicated personal practice and over 1000 hours of formal yoga and meditation trainings. I’ve studied traditional methods under the guidance of renowned teachers and modern applications through the pursuit of my Master's Degree in Psychology.

My teaching is rooted in Hatha and Raja yoga, offering a strong, steady, systematic practice designed to unlock, balance and strengthen body and mind. I believe yoga offers a roadmap to navigate our conditioned responses and behaviours and uncover the grace and wisdom that lie within. 

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Joni Brown

Yoga teacher

Joni’s classes encourage a culture of curiosity and self-responsibility where the participant
can take the time to slow-down and listen to what feels good in the body. She hopes to offer
a safe space to enable a deeper relaxation, time to explore our unique creative expression
and most importantly space to enjoy being in our bodies.

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Yoga Teacher

Kate’s approach to her teaching is that Yoga is for Everyone.By blending different forms of yoga and movement Kate believes in supporting her clients discover a way of moving and being that feels
natural and intuitive.


Kate describes herself as a bit of a mixologist!
During her sessions you might expect to experience classical Hatha, energy shifting Kundalini and perhaps a dash of Tai chi. At the core of Kates approach is the knowledge that Yoga is so much more than a form of exercise.


Breath work, meditation and relaxation are intrinsic and at the heart of
her teaching.Passionate about how awesome and life affirming yoga can be Kate is looking forward to sharing her love of this phenomenal practise with you.

Kate Gray


Dan Coyle

Wild Swimming Guide

Dan the Merman is a nature based guide in the awe-inspiring coastline of Earra Ghàidheal -
Argyll. An experienced STA open water swim coach and RLSS rescue qualified, Dan
believes in taking a holistic approach to cold water immersion and swimming. This is in order
to empower the individual with a state of calm and focus. His philosophy is based on an
understanding of the interconnectedness of the human body and mind with nature.


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How To Find Us


If you're using GPS, ensure you use 'West Coast Wellness', rather than the postcode.

Take a look at your route and let us know if you have any questions before you depart, as sometime there isn't very good mobile reception.

Detailed directions below. 

West Coast Wellness is located at Evanachan Farm, Otter Ferry, PA21 2DH

Please note: These are the directions to our YOGA DOME. If you've booked our LOCHSIDE SAUNA, this is at a slightly different location. Please check your confirmation email for exact directions.



Once you're on B8000, it's a single track road along the loch. The loch will be on your right side.

Continue until you see a small honesty hut. Turn up the hill there. You'll go over a cattle grid and continue on all the way up the hill. There's one turnoff, halfway up, but just keep going until you get to the white farm house at the top, where you can park. 



Once you're on the B8000, the loch will be on your left side. Continue past Largiemore chalets. Just past Otter Ferry seafish, you will see a small honesty hut to your left. Turn up the hill there. You'll go over a cattle grid and continue on all the way up the hill. There's one turnoff, halfway up, but just keep going until you get to the white farm house at the top, where you can park. 

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