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Welcome to the Wee Hut!

We hope this is an opportunity for you to rest, relax, and reconnect.

Here's a bit of info about your stay here...


Getting Here

To make your arrival smooth, follow the detail directions here:

About Evanachan Farm


You’re on a lively working farm, so you’ll likely encounter animals, tractors, and probably children. We ask that you be patient with them all :)


Evanachan is a family farm that is currently home to 17 people (spanning four generations). We have a small flock of Blackface and Icelandic sheep, two horses, several Jersey cows, chickens, ducks, dogs, and most recently, a kitten!


Over the past three years, we have expanded to add yoga and wellness to the farm.

We hope you get to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of being here.



About the Wee Hut


This entire dwelling was hand built. The wood was milled on site using the trees around the farm and every detail has been hand made. A lot of time and care has gone into it, so we please simply ask that you treat it with respect.


If placing anything hot (mugs, pots, kettle) on the countertop, please use a coaster or cork pad.


Making the Bed

Unless you’ve requested us to make up the bed, you’ll arrive to a couch that you can convert easily into your bed. To do so, pull the bottom of the couch forward until it flattens out. You’ll find a mattress topper and bedding on the shelves. Put the mattress topper on first, and then put the rest of your linens on. It’s helpful for us if you remove all the linens before your departure.


Lighting the Fire

You may have your own method but if using a wood burning stove is new to you, here’s our method —

To make the fire, you’ll need a lighter, some paper, kindling (small sticks), and larger logs. If you run out of any of these during your stay, please let us know and we’ll restock you. Paper can be bunched up into balls and put on the bottom of the stove.

Then, lay your kindling on top of the paper, ensuring that the pieces are touching. This will allow the fire to spread more evenly. Once this is done, light the paper in various places and wait for the fire to spread to the kindling, gradually adding larger pieces to achieve a bigger flame. Keep the door slightly open until the fire is well established.



The large window opens completely, letting in great air flow. To close the window, use the hook on the wall beside the counter to reach the window handle and draw it back in.


The Kitchen

We’ve left some farm fresh organic eggs for you. Collected the morning you arrive from the hens down the road, who you're welcome to visit!

The coffee is from Argyll Roasters, down the road in Tighnabruaich.


Your cold box is outside the front door and will keep any food cold for days.

There is a gas hob and a Ninja Airy Fryer. This can pretty much do anything an oven can - reheat food, roast vegetables, etc. 

The tap water is from the springs and is safe and delicious to drink.

For hot water, you’ll sometimes need to let the hot water tap run for a couple of minutes. Any issues with the hot water, please just let us know as it’s usually a quick fix!



We try to create as minimal waste as possible - so please compost what you can (tea bags, fruit/veg peels, egg shells, coffee grinds) + put any food waste in the bucket for the ducks and chickens.


You’re welcome to deliver these if you like! The ducks enjoy bread scraps and the chickens will eat pretty much anything (just no egg shells please). Just let us know if you haven’t spotted them on your way up the hill and we’ll point you in the right direction.



Our wifi *usually* works —

Username: Evanachan

Password: Password



Eating + Drinking



The nearest shops are in either Strachur or Tighnabruaich (both about 30 mins away). Here you’ll find small shops with the essentials. If you head to Dunoon (1 hour away) you’ll find a Co-op and a Morrisons.


The Oystercatcher

Just down the road! Our local pub with great food. The perfect place for a sunset pint.

We recommend making reservations.

Ph: 01700 821229


A Michelin star restaurant 15 minutes away. They book up quite far in advance, so you’ll need to make reservations well before you arrive.

Ph: 01369 860537

The Colintraive Hotel

A seaside hotel and restaurant with a delicious menu. About 30 minutes drive away.

Ph: 01700 841207



Yoga + Wellness


While you’re here, why not join us for a yoga class?

You can find our schedule and booking details here:


While staying with us, you can join a class free of charging using the code “weehut” when booking online.




We have a beautiful lochside sauna that you’re welcome to enjoy! You can either book in for a public sauna session using the web address above, or book a private sauna for £100.




Contact info:


Should you have any issues or questions while you’re here,

please contact Rosie at 07584 902 069 or Hailey at 07305 424 539



We truly hope you enjoy your stay!

Please let us know if you need anything at all.

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