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Summer Workshop Series: Heart Openers

The Art of Backbends

  • 25 British pounds

The Details

In this series of workshops, we’ll focus on a specific set of postures, breaking them down so that they are understandable and accessible Each workshop will have an anatomical component, to deepen your understanding of your physical body and practice, as well as an exploration of the connection between the physical, energetic, and subtle body. Backbends, often referred to as "heart openers", are some of the most loved and hated postures! When done with awareness and anatomical understanding, these can be incredible postures for spinal health. We'll discuss the anatomy of the spine and the many benefits of backbends and move through progressive exercises for strength and flexibility, and proper spinal care with counterposes. We will explore back-bending postures that can be adapted or modified for a variety of bodies and practices. This workshop is for you if: - you love backbending poses (come and learn more!) - you hate or avoid backbends (explore why + give us a chance to convert you!) - you experience upper back pain and tension - you spend most of your day at a computer - you're interested in the energetic and emotional components of the yoga practice (what do we hold in our bodies?) - you're a yoga teacher wanting to deepen your anatomical understanding and gain tools to help your students *Yoga teachers - please note that this course qualifies for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

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