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Summer Reset with Hailey + Rosie


We've designed these series to align with the flow of nature, using movement + meditation to attune to our own inner nature. As we move into the summer season, you may notice an increase in energy all around you - longer days, bright sun, abundant gardens and blooming flowers. And perhaps you notice this increase in energy within you as well. This is a really beautiful time to enjoy some more energising movement practices, to get that energy flowing and help clear through anything it's time to release or let go of so that you can really BLOOM. Each day for 7 days, we've shared 2 practices, ranging from 20-30 minutes. The first is an energising movement practice, intended for first thing in the morning. These are mostly yoga based, but we have included a few higher intensity cardio style classes that we hope you will have fun with! The second daily practice is meditation focussed. This is a beautiful + effective way to ground, anchor, and direct all of that energy. We'll do just a bit of gentle movement, focussing on postures that will help get the body + mind comfortable to be still, to sit, and meditate. Our intention is for this second practice to be done towards the end of your day, perhaps even right before bed, so that you're bookending your day with these practices and letting everything flow from there. Your own personal week long retreat. Get clear. Reset + recharge. You'll have access to all the practices until September!

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